Service maintenance of large machinery. With more than 20 years.

       The company was aware of the problem of maintenance of machinery. Including supply of spare parts for machinery. And improving the material 
properties of parts. Before deployment. To increase the efficiency of the machine. And increase the lifetime of the machinery in the industry.
       Years ago the company. Is proud to have been satisfied in the service of industries such as pulp and paper, cement, metal, rubber, metal casting industry. 
And industry and for food.
       The company is committed to the ongoing development of the organization.  And develop a more efficient machinery. Engineered to provide even greater efficiency.

Job Service / hiring is made
     * Repair of machinery. 
     * Get machine parts. 
     * Get to work together. 
     * Get the hard metal mask is unique. 
     * Throws a hard surface, a special metal mask. 
     * Consulting and maintenance. Improvement of machinery.


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